That nagging feeling in the back of your mind may have been invading your life and causing anxiety for a long time or only a few days but you know that it’s not going away. The suspicion that your spouse is cheating can be a real burden. You know in your heart that there’s something going on with your partner and you want to find out what it is before that nagging feeling drives you completely insane. A private investigator in Phoenix can provide the surveillance and other services you need to gather clear evidence that your suspicions are real but how do you know it’s time to take that step? Look for these signs and if you see them (or even just a couple of them) recurring on a regular basis, then you know you need to hand the reigns over to the professionals.

  1. A Drastic Change in Behavior

This might mean that your partner is taking extra time to show you affection that’s unusual or it could mean that the affection vanishes completely. Either way, you’re seeing a complete 180 degree flip and it’s absolutely noticeable.

  1. Losing Time

Has your partner taken up a new hobby that keeps him or her away from the house for long periods? Do you hear the excuse “sorry, I have to work late tonight” a lot more often than you did? If you see these things causing your partner to lose time at home, especially late at night or over a period of days, then this is a sign your suspicions are more than just that.

  1. Attachment to Mobile Devices

Since that gut feeling started eating away at you, you’ve noticed that your partner is unnaturally attached to the cell phone, laptop, tablet, and any other mobile devices. This is especially suspicious if you used to have free access and now it seems that these devices are always within his or her reach. The attachment is always there and your partner might even glance at the devices excessively or check them with the screens purposely turned away.

  1. Increased Security For Electronics

Not only does your partner show an unnatural attachment to his or her electronics but it seems that the passcodes are also always changing. Before, there may have not been passcodes at al or they were easy for you to guess because you knew what was happening in your partner’s life. Now, you notice that passcodes are difficult and meant to actually keep you out specifically instead of to secure the devices against theft.

  1. Generally Distracted

Does your partner miss appointments for the two of you? Does he or she seem less interested in the kids or other family and household goings on? Does he or she appear to forget things regularly? It might be that something is really wrong in your partner’s life but the chances are that this distraction is caused by trying to keep up with outside deception. In the end, this is a sign that you have a reason to be suspicious.

Facing the Situation

These are all signs that you probably need the help of a private investigator in Phoenix today, or as soon as possible. You probably don’t want to face the situation that your partner is being disloyal but you don’t have to do it alone. At Bond Investigations, we will be the ones doing the surveillance and helping you to figure out the truth.

Take Action

When you hire a private investigator in Phoenix, you are taking action and taking control of your life. Finding the truth if a spouse is cheating means that your suspicions and that feeling in your gut that makes you queasy on a regular basis are finally going to be justified and handled. You are making things better by learning what’s actually happening in your relationship and, no matter the outcome, this is the next step to taking control. You can do this!