You may have heard a rumor, or maybe it’s just a feeling, but you know that there’s something going on in your relationship besides a small suspicion. You are unsure about confronting your spouse without real proof, or maybe you want something concrete as precedence for direct action. No matter the case, you know you cannot do it on your own, and that’s where a private investigator in Phoenix can help you find out the truth.

Have You Noticed Anything Strange?

Aside from your own gut feelings, there are signs you can look out for that can help you discern if you need a private investigator in Phoenix in the first place. If it seems like a few of these things are often recurring in your relationship, then your suspicions might not be unfounded.

  • You are not spending as much time together at home. It seems that whenever you’re there, your spouse is not and even when he or she is there, their attention is elsewhere. Excuses for this may come without provocation and range anywhere from a quirky new hobby to pressure at work.
  • There is an influx of sexual affection, or it stops altogether. A cheating spouse may feel the need to overcompensate by pouring on the affection or feel so guilty that it’s avoided
  • New passcodes or other security on mobile devices that used to have open access is a clear indication that your spouse is hiding something. If you used to share the computer and you suddenly find that there is a new password protected profile or the mobile phone had added security when before you had free range to access whenever you want, something is definitely going on.
  • A generally disheveled appearance can be a sign, especially when coupled with forgetfulness and extra attention to grooming habits and attire when leaving the house. Your spouse might not show up for appointments or be disinterested in the family and household happenings.

There are other signs you might notice that are variations in what you read here but these are some top clear signals that you’re not stressing over anything.

The Devastation of Disloyalty

According to recent US stats, over 54 percent of women and over 57 percent of men in a relationship have been disloyal to their partner at least once in their life. Even the suspicion that your spouse might be disloyal can be a huge slap to your self-esteem as well as your entire world. If you have children or other family intertwined in your life, the idea that your spouse might be cheating can affect every part of those relationships. You do not have to live in the dark, wondering what’s really going on and you do not have to bring up the topic without evidence that there’s a reason to bring it up.

This part is hard enough, and when you notice the signs that disloyalty is present in your relationship, it can be a difficult thing to face. It can even be difficult to believe, but you don’t have to go about this all on your own. Our private investigators in Phoenix will help you learn what you need and guide you through the process of getting to the truth.

Take the Next Step

You have seen the signs, and you may not want to admit it, but you know that something is going on. You know there’s something you are reading between the lines, although the words may still be a little blurry. You do not have to keep wondering. Bond Investigations will gather the evidence you need to decide on the next step. We will perform the necessary covert investigation and get you photo evidence to proceed however you deem fit. You do not have to fear what’s next. This is your relationship, your family, and your life. It’s time to take charge and take action.